J. Andrey Manoukhin (j_j_j) wrote,
J. Andrey Manoukhin

То, чего мне хочется (чтоб не искать по журналу)

В этом списке то, что я хочу в подарок. Пусть висит в верхней части журнала, а я буду обновлять по мере необходимости. Все это, естественно, к пиратам отношения не имеет.

Alela Diane "Cusp"
Bellowhead "Burlesque", "Hedonism"
Bessie Smith "Complete Vol.2" (издание 1992)
Brown Bird "The Devil Dancing", "Salt for Salt"
Chip Taylor "A Song I Can Live With"
Eilen Jewell "Butcher Holler (A Tribute To Loretta Lynn)", "Queen of the Minor Key", "Sundown Over Ghost Town"
Herman Dune "Strange Moosic"
Jim White "Wrong-Eyed Jesus (Mysterious Tale of How I Shouted)", "Sounds of the Americans"
Lila Downs "Balas y Chocolate"
Lucinda Williams "The Ghosts of Highway 20"
Mary Gauthier "Rifles and Rosary Beads"
Po' Girl "Home To You", "Deer In The Night"
Regina Spektor "Live On Soundstage" (CD/DVD)
Rhiannon Giddens "Factory Girl" EP
Rising Appalachia "Filthy Dirty South", "The Sails of Self", "Wider Circles", "Leylines"
Rokia Traoré "Beautiful Africa", "Ne So"
Rupa & The April Fishes "Oval
Sam Baker "Say Grace", "Land of Doubt"
Truckstop Honeymoon Big Things and Little Things
Willard Grant Conspiracy "3 A.M. Sunday @ Fortune Otto's", "Mojave"
Wovenhand "Star Treatment"
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